How to: Create the perfect Scandinavian inspired living room...

How to: Create the perfect Scandinavian inspired living room...
Scandinavian style is fast becoming the 21st Century’s defining interior trend. Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden share at their heart a culture of collectivism; a people-centric mindset that extends to their interior design style. Combining beautifully handcrafted elements with ergonomic, functional design, interiors are styled with people in mind. When it comes to the art, the same principles of craftsmanship and simplicity apply. We round up seven ideas to create the perfect Scandi living room with art.


Scandinavian furniture is known for its sleek ergonomic design and minimalist details. However, there’s no need to confine furniture to your floors, bring it to your walls with these striking posters. Click here for more information on the scandinavian inspired triptych print set mentioned above.

Bright Whites

During Scandinavia’s darker months, light is precious. Bright interiors with white surfaces that reflect the light, bring much-needed contrast to the backdrop of grey skies. A white interior works as the perfect base for striking black and white portraits. Click here for more information on the scandinavian inspired triptych print set mentioned above.

Nordic Neutrals

For a softer approach to Nordic style, introduce some neutrals into your colour palette. The prints seen above bear the mark of the maker, reflecting the importance of craftsmanship in Scandinavian design. Couple with light wooden handcrafted frames to complete the look. Click here for more information on the scandinavian inspired prints set mentioned above.

Escape to Nature

Embrace the Scandinavian outdoors culture with a gallery wall dedicated to nature prints. Mix-and-match landscape photographic prints, minimalist line art sketches and artworks that inspire wanderlust. Keep the frames bright and natural or if you are feeling stylish, why not complete the look with a black finish?

Abstract Twist

For a more subtle nod to Scandinavia’s minimalist approach, venture into the abstract world with evocative shapes drawn from nature and the human body itself. Oversized abstracts look brilliant contrasted with an understated living room. Why not create your own abstract gallery wall set and use an array of abstract prints and hierarchy to add dynamic style to your home? Click here for more information on the scandinavian inspired gallery wall mentioned above.

Next steps...

If you’re not sure where to start, just follow these 5 simple tips on how to achieve a Scandinavian look in your living room:
  • Paint your walls in a neutral colour – white, eggshell blue or muted grey.
  • Pick handcrafted furniture pieces that bear the mark of the maker.
  • Keep the room light and airy by avoiding clutter – storage is key!
  • Add soft furnishings in natural materials; wool, cotton and hemp.
  • Complete the look with Scandinavian prints in stylish wooden frames
Now go and create your dream home with Scandinavian decor and nordic style!