How To: Build Your Art Collection

How To: Build Your Art Collection
When you start decorating your walls, chances are you can’t stop! Building a collection of art over time will elevate your home and develop your unique style.

Here are some tips and tricks when curating a personal art collection.


When choosing your art, you want to go with prints that speak to you. Curating an eclectic mix of different styles creates an intriguing and personal collection, but if you need some help, there are some things you can keep in mind.


Deciding on a colour palette is a great way to get started when expanding your art collection to more than just your living room. Opt for a colour scheme for your whole home or give every room its own palette. How do you want to feel when coming home? If you’re going to create a calming space, go tone-on-tone in natural colours. For a modern look, maybe go for black and white art prints or let one colour, such as a bright blue, take centre stage.


Your larger art pieces will direct the style you want to achieve. Choose art styles that enhance the vibe you want to achieve. For example, when choosing a statement piece, go for something abstract in neutral colours if you want to achieve a serene feel or opt for something bold with photo art or a colourful art piece in a larger size.

Good luck with starting your art collection! By following these tips and tricks and following a specific theme and colour palette, you can easily add new pieces over time, switching up your prints due to current seasons and trends.